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YogaLife Coaching is a creative, interactive approach to changing the dynamics of how you live your life. With regular weekly, monthly or bi-monthly online, telephone or in-person coaching sessions, you begin to craft a new approach to living and make the positive changes you want in life. Using yoga and affirmative, life-altering philosophies you can learn how to live your best life!

Maya has written articles, selected products and provided links to related websites for this section to assist anyone who is interested in learning more about yoga and its many benefits.  Please review the Resources in this section and Contact Maya with any questions.



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To help you determine if yoga is right for you, I've included answers to the questions I'm most frequently asked about the practice and its benefits.Click on the link below to view the questions and answers. - Maya


In this section, Maya has included links to some Yoga/Wellness related web sites. Click on the link below to view the list of recommended sites.


In the articles featured in this section, Maya shares how yoga has changed her life, and how she remains inspired to reach out to communities of color to share her knowledge, experience and awareness of the benefits of yoga as a tool to promote stress management, relaxation, and to improve ones' health and well-being.