​​What We Offer at Santosha School of Yoga

Santosha, one of the tenets within the third limb of Yoga (Niyama), means contentment. Contentment can be described as having peace with what is. The practice of Santosha encourages the gratitude and acceptance.

Since its inception, in 2001, the Santosha School of Yoga has been certifying teachers of yoga throughout the United States. With a home base in Providence, RI, courses are offered regularly in Rhode Island.

In recent years other studios have hosted the Santosha School of Yoga within their studios. Whether on the road or in RI, the Santosha School of Yoga strives to offer a high quality learning opportunity.

The programs at the Santosha School provide a contemporary approach to the study of yoga. Our programs meet the requirements of the National Yoga Alliance. In addition to meeting these standards, we work closely with each student to enhance their experience throughout the training by offering independent study work, sharing circles and partnering. Both the 200 and 500 hour programs emphasize daily yoga, pranayama, and meditation practice.

For information about hosting Maya and the 200 or 500 Yoga Teacher Training program at your studio; please contact Maya at (401) 270-2752 or email Maya at info@mayabreuer.com.

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